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The mission of National Character Education Foundation (NCEF) is to recognize, educate and promote the benefits of good character to students, parents and those in the community. We accomplish this by providing resources for teachers and staff to implement in the classroom and in their daily interactions with students.

Visiting our Curriculum page to learn more about our organization and how we're enhancing student development.

All Star Action Team

All Star Action Team

Book one of our amazing speakers for your upcoming assembly.



Discover our list of exciting programs designed to foster healthy habits.



See how we're changing lives one program at a time.

Schools of Life

Schools of Life

Learn how you can support Cambodian children in need.

Planting Seeds for a Bright Future

Complement your curriculum with one of our outstanding programs

Book a public speaker for your upcoming assembly

They say experience is the best teacher, and here at National Character Education Foundation (NCEF), we agree that certain experiences can shape a person. However, certain lessons can be learned by listening to the testimonies of others. That's why we're advocates for our All Star Action Team.

We have a network of talented speakers from all walks of life. Book a speaker for your upcoming assembly to:

  • Diversify your curriculum
  • Show your students a real-life success story
  • Expose your students to giants in the community
Visit our All Star Action Team to view our list of outstanding leaders in the community.

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Recognizing, educating, and promoting the benefits of good character to students, parents, and communities.

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