COVID-19 Emotional Help

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges to students, educators, and parents. Children already coping with mental health conditions have been especially vulnerable to the changes, and now we are learning about the broad impacts on students as a result of schools being closed, physically distancing guidelines and isolation, and other unexpected changes to their lives.

The nation's schools were already struggling to meet students' mental health needs when the pandemic hit. How can schools rise to meet students' ballooning needs in that area as a massive school reopening gets underway?

To be sure, it will be difficult to balance mental health support with an equally massive academic recovery. But child development experts say it's a balance schools must attempt to strike if they want students to regain their academic footing after an unprecedented year of disruptions, stress, and trauma.

The National Character Education Foundation can assist your school in several ways through our assembly program both online and in-person we help give your students the HOPE and STRENGTH they need to overcome these obstacles.

Our featured assembly is with Jon Pritikin please view the video link below. To schedule Jon please call Anna Schooley at 724-630-6099