Glad To Be Alive

Recognizing, educating, and promoting the benefits of good character to students, parents, and communities.

Glad To Be Alive is a music-based character education program for students in grades K-5. This fun and unique program combines music and curriculum materials that assist schools in their effort to foster good behavior. The program also educates and inspires students to do well academically by providing instruction that promotes organizational skills, thinking skills, social skills, and coping skills.

Level One - Students will understand the concept of the song (respect, responsibility, cooperation etc) by learning and singing the words in music class.

Level Two -Students will appreciate the meaning of the concept through discussion and creative activities in their regular classrooms.

Level Three - Students will appreciate the meaning by writing a contract and, with parent support and supervision, practice the concept at home. Letters to the parents/guardians are included in the Teacher's Handbook for each song. The music program is made up of 54 songs, which allow for nine songs to be taught to students at each grade level K-5.