Recognizing, educating, and promoting the benefits of good character to students, parents, and communities.

"In my 15 years as a building principal no one has ever captivated my students like this program did! Wow!"
Mark Elisco, Principal
George Washington Intermediate School, New Castle, PA

"You aren't only fighting for the children, but for all of us!"
Bill Adams, PresidentAdams Manufacturing

"I have been in education for 35 years employed in six school districts and have never seen programs that connect and care about students like that of the National Character Education Foundation (NCEF).

A prime example is Mr. Jon Pritiken's with his anti bullying message that left over 400 junior high students silent and stunned. They were totally riveted by the presenter and his message! In all sincerity it was the best anti bullying program of its kind that I have ever had the privilege of hosting."

Rox Serrao, Principal
Kittanning Middle School, Kittanning, PA

"As a school administrator it is without hesitation or reservation that I highly recommend the student assembly programs provided by the National Character Education Foundation (NCEF). The messages were very invigorating and they provided our students with much needed information that helped educate, entertain, and motivate students to build good character and make positive decisions."

Andrew Miller, Assistant Principal-
Kittanning Area Middle School, Kittanning, PA

"The National Character Education Foundation (NCEF) is a valuable program and extremely instrumental in assisting schools in the ever-increasing need to teach our students the values of good character."

Sara M.T. Alexander, Principal
West Liberty Elementary School, Pittsburgh, PA

"I have seen first hand the impact the National Character Education Foundation (NCEF) has had on our community. Reaching our schools and communities, the National Character Education Foundation (NCEF) has spread the word about the importance of character in today's society. Given the dangers we face today, the value and importance of the National Character Education Foundation (NCEF) cannot be understated..."

Scott J. Andreassi,District AttorneyCounty Of Armstrong,
Kittanning, PA

"Randy completely mesmerized the audience. He took time to talk to our football team. He entertained the custodial staff by helping to clean the gym floor. Randy is certainly a special person with very unique skills."

Tommy Britt, Administrative Asst.
Destin Middle School, Destin, FL

"Great presentation by Bill Sanders. Quite direct. Hit on the subjects that maybe difficult for some people to hear."

Kenneth A. Williams, Principal Fox Chapel Area High School,
Pittsburgh, PA

"Informative, interesting, entertaining, enjoyable, professional, and well worthwhile for all. We are most grateful to you."

Mary Corita Conlan, Principal
Assumption Grade School, Topeka, KS

"Bill Sander's presentation was the very best individual presentation that we have had at our high school in the past 5 years. He had a huge impact with our students. His message still reverberates with our students and teachers."

Michael A. Howser, Principal Moon Area High School,
Pittsburgh, PA

"Jon Pritikin was totally awesome. His assembly affected not only the students but also the teachers. His message was both positive and moving, by far he excelled among our students and staff."

Hope Bishop, Lenape Elementary PTO President